The story of BRR is one of innovation and belief that by combining experience with technology we can create a superior product. Based in Paris, Arkansas our facility boasts the best of American work ethic and cutting edge technology. Big River was founded after seeing shortcomings in the industry, both from working for other roller manufacturers and being on the consumer side and being dissatisfied with the products from vendors. Our Ownership came together as a group and decided to form Big River to address the needs of the industry

   In order to produce a superior product the equipment used to make the products must be of exceptional quality. Which is why we have carefully chosen the finest technology from around the world. Combining more than 80 years of industry experience with this superior equipment, ensures shorter lead times and produces an outstanding product for the customer.

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Services we offer:

  • Full fabrication shop
    •  Repair journals and new core fabrication in-house
    • Static and Dynamic Balancing
    • Bearing Replacement
  • Covers and Coatings
    • Custom Compounds 
    • Spray Coatings
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Company-Owned Transportation
    • Several routes throughout the U.S. 
    • 3rd party Freight available

State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Static Balancing
    • Remove lope and stopping issues
  • Dynamic Balancing
    • Match your products line speed requirements, extending bearing life
    • Reducing vibrations of equipment, making increases in line speed possible
  • Automated Extrusion Machine
    • Laser measurement equipped for precise application of material
    • Wide variety of rubber compounds available, all applied in superior extrusion method
  • Full CNC Rubber Grinding/Grooving Machines
    • Tolerances superior to industry standard tolerances.
    • wide variety of roll profiles and grooving patterns, as well as custom grooving patterns available
    • Surface Polishing
      • Ability to Machine finish to your Ra requirement